How to Wifi tether – Wireless tether your XPERIA X10 Mini Pro

This was tested on a XPERIA X10 Mini Pro Running Eclair (2.1)

1. Root your phone. (Install the app z4root from the market and do a permanent root)

Here is z4root.1.3.0.apk

2. Install the ‘barnacle’ app, from the market as well. If you have trouble finding it use the code below (or click to download the apk)

Success stories in the comments :)

10 thoughts on “How to Wifi tether – Wireless tether your XPERIA X10 Mini Pro

  1. Super alles ander hat nicht gefunzt, aber diese Seite hat mich richtig weitergebracht. Many thanks
    Gerät X10 mini pro Vs.2.1

  2. Z4root execute perfectly. (Need to set usb debug first) however still get the error message – Cannot su permision denied from barnacle. How to ensure that z4root actually working?

  3. Barnical doesn’t work with updated X10 mini’s
    Firmware : 2.1update1
    Barnical fail.

  4. Hello. Barnacle was working one month absolutely perfectly but I have no idea what´s happened and now is not working… My xperia x10 mini pro is connetted with notebook but not with internet. Sometimes is showing internet access but not open any pages….please help…………………!!!

  5. Give-up on Barnacle & z4root. Installed the PdaNet tab, works perfectly on bluetooth between my SE Xperia X10 mini and my tablet PC.

  6. installed z4root did a permanent root and it said virus detected , any cause of concern ?

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