How to Fix Error 1055 The Service Database is locked.

w2000 server1055 The service database is locked.
If your Print Spooler unexpectedly quit (It happened to me in Windows 2000 Server edition). Try This,

For this you need to have “sc.exe”

Extract it and place “sc.exe” on your SYSTEM32 directory, under (Windows/WINNT)

Go to Start > Run > Open:cmd [Ok]
Type “sc lock”
Press “u” (lowercase)

Your database should be unlocked now!. Good Luck~
My Output looked like this:

C:\sc lock

Active database is locked.
To unlock via API, press u: u
[SC] UnlockServiceDatabase successful

14 thoughts on “How to Fix Error 1055 The Service Database is locked.

  1. Am using XP and when I type u cmd says ‘u’ is not recognized but sc lock shows that the service database is locked.
    So please if you can, can you just help me am stranded

  2. Did you type on the CMD window “sc lock” first?
    After typing sc lock and pressing enter, then you type ‘u’ and press enter, then the database should be unlocked.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Bruno,
    I was hoping that the Output display would give away any misconceptions regarding the quotes. I guess If that didn’t do it, your comment will.
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. I get the same result as Chenai, typing sc lock only gives me the information that the database service is locked, it does not give me a prompt to unlock it.

    C:\>sc lock
    [SC] LockServiceDatabase FAILED 1055:
    The service database is locked.

  5. I have the same issue with Arnaud. Isn’t there any fix for this?
    It would be much appreciated.

  6. The correct command is:
    C:\>sc lock u

    then, if possible, the system will ask you to press letter ‘u’ on
    your keyboard to confirm that you want to unlock the services database
    but it’s possible to receive the message

    [SC] LockServiceDatabase FAILED 1055:
    The service database is locked.

    in this case you can just wait and retry.
    If the problem persists you have to try identifying the
    service that locks tha database in one of this 2 ways:

    1) Examine system event logs for errors (database locked ..)
    2) Set all unnecessary services to start “Manual” (do this
    editing the registry), reboot and, if the problem does’nt happens,
    try re-enabling services one by one to locate which one is causing
    the problem.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Hi
    after follwing the intructions above I get the error message below. I am using windows 7. do you have any suggestions? thanks in advance

    C:\>sc lock
    [SC] OpenSCManager FAILED 5:

    Access is denied

  8. I had the same problem and trying to use ‘sc lock’ gave me the same results as Arnaud:
    C:\>sc lock
    [SC] LockServiceDatabase FAILED 1055:
    The service database is locked.

    A service is locking the Service Control DB. Look through the services to see what is stuck at ‘Starting’ or ‘Stopping’. My remedy was go into Safe Mode and to set all those services to Manual. The server came back up and was working fine. I then uninstalled the application associated with those services, reboot, and reinstalled the app. We are good to go now.

  9. Hey guys, I had the same error as jj09 because I had opened the cmd: prompt As Admin while using the Windows Administrator logon. When I used a non-admin opening of cmd & tried the “sc Lock u” command, I got a successful response!! This still did not solve my problem of “The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically. You must reinstall or call customer support” errormessage. I am sincerely lost with how to resolve this problem!!


  10. I get the message “database is locked” I have windows 8.1 how do I unlock it.

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